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Intership for students Nature of the Internship

Two distinct “types” of internship experiences have emerged. The first is the “established” internship. This internship has been established by the site supervisor in response to a need in that office for additional support, which can be filled by a graduate student. This ongoing internship is often known to students in the program as one that is available on a regular basis. Students usually hear about these internships by word-of- mouth or through postings.

The other type of internship is the “created” internship. This internship comes as a result of a student wanting to do an internship at a particular type of institution, or with a particular internship supervisor, or on a specific issue. The student will approach the institution with some idea of what he or she would like to accomplish, then work with the site supervisor to establish some goals for the internship.

In either case, the objectives of the internship are the same. The student is encouraged to come to the initial meeting with the site supervisor with some ideas for the internship and then to develop a work plan

The Internship Work Plan form should be completed after the Competency Analysis, the Application and Approval Form, and the meeting with the site supervisor are completed.

The function of the Work Plan is to provide an outline of the major projects students plan to complete during the internship. Students should begin by identifying an objective– a statement of intent about the action they will undertake during the internship. Identify the competencies which will be improved while working on each objective.

For each objective, identify the tasks, the participants, the resources, and the projected timeline. Use a separate copy of the form for each objective. Students should identify at least two objectives for the internship, but probably not more than five because of time limitations. Each form must be signed by the student, the site supervisor, and the university coordinator.

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